Wednesday, 7 July 2010

What is a Spam Tale?

Spam Tales is a series of collages. The wording for each collage is composed of spam email subjects and senders, collected over a period of months. They are written out on paper, and re-written or cut out and shuffled about until there something resembling cohesiveness, and an engaging mini story/spiel. Some collages incorporate the word recognition anti-spam mechanism for posting on Facebook. Spam and anti-spam word combinations have been chosen for their random, nonsense quality.

Spam Tales:'Craftsmanship Ox', detail

in progress image, final work here

The juxtaposition of modern technology and turn of the century or Victorian imagery, paired with some very weird wording leads to pleasingly Surreal results. Most of the Spam Tales read like advertising spiels and the artist does not shy away from that fact. She enjoys perusing Victorian advertising and feels that some of the extravagant claims made back then are not so different to those made now in Spam.

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