Sunday, 30 May 2010

2º: A butterfly installation inspired by Global Warming.

mixed media

This sculpture has been named 2º for two reasons:
Actual butterfly species are being affected by increasing temperatures with some moving to higher altitudes, or away from the equator towards the poles, in response.

Although such potentially disastrous circumstances inspired the work, the idea is behind it is to uplift the viewer on contemplating it, rather than force feed a message. It is up to the viewer/buyer whether they wish to understand more by visiting this very website. The artist realises that sometimes it is enough to just enjoy art for art's sake. This is is why the 2º group installation is being subsequently divided up for individual sale rather than as one piece.

 26°, Papilio collis viridis (P. green hill)

2º, detail featuring 20°, Nymphalidae violaceum pavae (N. violet peacock)

Exhibited as part of 2 @ Wunderkammer.

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