Thursday, 4 March 2004

Dodo - Anatomy of a Loss (Part 1)

Dodo - Anatomy of a Loss (Part 1)
vintage paper, ink, watsonia bulb husk, acetate, paper
15 x 11
After seeing the exhibition and owning the book 'A Gap in Nature' by Peter Schouten, 
in which the Dodo is prominently featured, I was inspired to create my own dignified dodo artwork. 
Historically the dodo has been depicted as a slightly silly bird. 
Schouten bucked that trend beautifully. 
The original scientific name for the dodo was Didus ineptus reflecting the period lack of respect for the species. It's now known as Raphus cucullatus.

Anatomy of a Loss (Part 1), reverse and front

Anatomy of a Loss (Part 1), detail

Exhibited as part of Small Works 09.

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