Sunday, 2 August 2015

The Sparkly Bear

The Sparkly Bear French cuff was inspired by the pet name locals have given to the Brunswick shopping centre Barkly Square. His gentle sparkling - best seen in person - was achieved by adding neutral toned glitter to carefully applied wet paint and washes. He is a polar bear ambling through the Northern Lights, Aurora Borealis.

 photo TheSparklyBear_zpswhfkppfd.jpg
The Sparkly Bear
25 x 7
acrylic, glitter on French cuff

 photo SparklyBearANGLEbutt__zpscjqon92m.jpg
 photo SparklyBearANGLEhead_zpsvauxgtwa.jpg
 photo SparklyBearSparkAng_zpsslglou0c.jpg
 photo TheSparklyBearBEAR_zps3pk29tkb.jpg

 photo TheSparklyBearDETAIL_zpsg0phvn1j.jpg
The Sparkly Bear, detail

 photo TheSparklyBearCLOUDS_zpsnh6s3uy4.jpg
The Sparkly Bear, detail

 photo TheSparklyBearSPARKLES_zpsbx5w6ens.gif
The Sparkly Bear, detail
Animated GIF to illustrate sparkle.

The Sparkly Bear was exhibited in Art of the Cuff, at Lord Coconut as part of the Melbourne Fringe Festival.

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