Saturday, 2 June 2012

Mr Croak, in colour

Mr Croak,
digital print of collage, ink, marker, on paper
18 x 20

Mr Croak is an element from the Spam Tale collage Fonzy Hustles. He was a black and white work originally displayed within the exhibition 2 @ Wunderkammer. He has since been hand coloured for sale at the Black Market.

The Black Market is an alternative culture market featuring crafts, art and bric-a-brac. I will be sharing a stall with my housemate who has knitted goods.

We will be called  
The Dormouse and The Meerkat.

There will be Black Market Specials on my artworks, dropped from their previous gallery/Wunderkammer prices. Prices start from $30.

The Black Market

Saturday, June 9
12 Elizabeth St, Kensington, Melbourne, VIC 3031
Entry is free for the Black Market, with ticket admission for other events as part of Fiend Fest.

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