Friday, 5 February 2010

Craftsmanship Ox: Out soon on an Avant Card

Avant Card postcards with my artwork getting printed this weekend!
Stand by to see them soon at Avant Card (free postcard) stands Australiawide! :D

Craftsmanship Ox, 2009
paper, ink, digital print out, on paper
30 x 42

Craftsmanship Ox, detail
Craftsmanship Ox, detail

Craftsmanship Ox was created while Spam Tales: Craftsmanship Ox, Erasmus Howard was a work in progress.  liked this collage so much I felt it was worthy of, and effective in, another composition
 and well suited to Avant Card's post card format. It's the most complicated, non-texture* collage I have done to date in terms of the number of actual pieces that are assembled and layered (twenty two parts), 
as well as the number of original image sources used (five different books).

Exhibited as part of Paper Butterflies.

* Examples here and here.


gracie92 said...

Hi, I'm a collector of postcards, avant card being one main source, and I loved this design! It is so awesome! It was actually part of a recent post on my own blog:
:D keep up the awesome work!!

Patricia said...

I collect a few postcards myself and most of mine are Avant CArd freebies too.

Thank you :)