Sunday, 27 December 2009

About my collages

Do you photocopy old books or actually cut them up?

Both depending on the book.

Rest assured only the most decrepit antique and vintage books are used in my art. Anything better - slight damage but not falling apart much, only minor tears, or a few dog ears - is kept in my small collection for future reference.

When making black and white paper butteflies I consult a book from my collection: Wood's Natural History. Funnily enough the book that started it all as far as the use of Victorian images, was this very book. I still have and use that first coverless, unbound, pages missing, child addled copy. My father attained it for me from Neil, a family friend. Neil ran a local, little, second hand bookshop that has now been closed for some years. It wasn't until I recently when got my 'good' copy that I was able to identify the book.

It's fairly easy to tell when I've photocopied and when I use actual bits from a book since I do not attempt to age the photocopy. Thus the old book collages have a slight buff or cream tone while the photocopy collages tend to be a bright white. However there is a third possibility and that is the hardware catalogue collages which are also offwhite. I sometimes work a small part or two from a hardware catalogue into a book paper collage.

Whatever the age or source of the paper, if you own a paper work of art it is best you display it away from direct sunlight and not where sunlight will be strongly reflected onto it.

More tips on caring for paper art here.

What is a Spam Tale?

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