Friday, 10 July 2009

Art by Patricia Denis, group on Facebook

I have created a group, Art by Patricia Denis, on Facebook. It will be useful to any of you who like getting an actual invite to exhibitions. It's handy if you're like me, and need reminding the week before an event. Bear in mind I keep my personal friend's list small. What I'd like to see, is this group grow beyond that list so I can share my art with a wider audience.


Janine Wallace said...

Hi did you ave your red figures framed at the DYO picture framing in malvern? I think I met you there Janine

Patricia said...

If we have met it wasn't under those circumstances because I haven't been to Malvern recently. Perhaps I have a doppelganger! Or you may have met me at an exhibition opening. The figures aren't part of a framed sculpture.