Friday, 3 July 2009

Lime and Soda

Lime and Soda, hatching development

 photo LimeAndSoda_zps7e558247.jpg
Lime and Soda
19 x 14 x 8 (framed)
corn starch foam, acrylic lacquer, bird skulls, ink, on card

Lime and Soda, detail showing scrimshaw

Lime and Soda is about how the increased amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere affects our oceans. The title refers to the calcium compound not the fruit. The ocean naturally absorbs carbon dioxide but if it continues to absorb at the current rate we will see acidification. This affects the entire ocean food chain from the tiniest creatures upwards due to the negative affect on seashell integrity. The scrimshawed, seagull craniums depict a carbonic acid molecule and the degradation* of a seashell in simulated, acidified ocean water. Adding lime to seawater has been suggested as a way to sequester carbon dioxide.

Exhibited as part of Paper Butterflies and Slide Rules Have No Place At My Party.

*Based on photographs of a pteropod from National Geographic, 2007. Projected typical ocean acidity in 2100. Click for further reading

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